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Vision of Gold [Exalted] - looking for players

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  • Vision of Gold [Exalted] - looking for players

    I've started an Exalted 3e pbp on SV, if anyone's interested.

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    Hey how's it going? I started a Facebook group for White Wolf game play media and subject matter media but we also allow people who are trying to run a game post looking for players too. The only thing we ask is the following;

    1)Be specific on the game type, and theme of the game
    2)Be specific on what you will allow and not allow
    3)The means in which you plan to run the game, and when.
    4)The more details the better.

    Hope to see you there!

    For different game play videos of White Wolf Games from my play group please check out
    If you want to find White Wolf game play media or subject matter media check out the Facebook page I create to share and post media.