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Player looking for any 2E game, via just about any format :)

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    Would love to play here. I'm actually STing another mixed Chronicle on my city and haven't had the opportunity to actually play myself.
    If you have any slots, I'd like to bring Ignis, an Obrimos. As for connecting to Gloria, Ignis works at the local library and was wondering why Gloria suddenly stopped coming, until he learned that she died.
    As for Mystery Play Awakening, it has everything to do with the Library itself. He awoke to the Tower of Power in that same Library.
    All started with a weird dream. A recurring one of walking this weird golden road wreathed in flames. Never seeing where it leads, never seeing where it comes from, all covered in bright light. Before him only a haze, beckoning him. Skip a year from the beginning of these dreams and one day, as he was going to that Library to sign his contract as the new librarian, he suddenly felt a chill and his surroundings melting into pure gold, flames licking at his body, burning but not harming. Before him that same haze and golden road. All around him a chorus of Angels, judging him, humbling him with their piercing stare. An urge to run from them, he ran down the road of gold until he found refuge in a tower of pure light. He enters and before him yet another Angel, this one of Fire, glares at him, as if he could just see all the wrongs in him. Before him, one single sheet of paper, one tongue of flame. He grabs it. It sears his flesh. It sears his Hubris away. It illuminates and burns away all his doubts and his unwillingness to see beyond the Earthly. He signs his name, not on the paper, but on his very soul.


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      Hey HTaiji,

      Love the concept and Mystery Play, unfortunatly I don't think I have the skill to manage a PbP above five players currently. If something was to change or there was to be an opening I'll let you know immediately.
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        No prob, I understand :P CofD with more than 5 players stops working so smoothly after a while.
        Best of lucks!