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    I’m looking to start a Mage: the Awakening (2e) game. No experience with Mage or any chronicles/world of darkness required. You don't need to even own the Mage book. All that's needed is the free to download World of Darkness-God Machine Rules Update.

    It’s a game that is about uncovering mysteries about a magical present day world, and negotiating a balance between the duality of existence between a mundane and magical world. More specifically, this will be a game about uncovering mysteries left over from the Cold War, and the intrigue about uncovering things that were hidden.

    Characters will be starting with basic creation rules, and I’m open to using things from Awakening 1E and home brewing it as necessary. I've been GMing Mage in one way or another for about half a decade, and modifying things to fit the needs of the group and story is not a challenge.

    Game will be in Roger’s Park neighborhood on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Post here first with questions, or PM directly to ask about joining.