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Looking to play a Beast in a game

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  • Looking to play a Beast in a game

    So, as the title suggests rather bluntly, I'm looking to play a Beast character in a Chronicles of Darkness game. What game is pretty open, given Beasts can operate in most settings, and though there are some I'd prefer over others (Changeling 2e and Geist being those) I think it'd be good if I tried games I've otherwise not.

    As for the Beast himself, I've got a character sheet and a backstory all set up if anyone wants it. Backstory is right here:

    Experience wise, I've played Changeling the Lost 2e and a little of Demon: The Descent. I've also been running a Geist game for the past while, but I'll admit I'm rusty at it and haven't internalized all the rules.
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    If you are interested in a Forum-based game with different venues (So far, Vampire and Mage, but once Changeling is out, that will come in, too) and are fine with the benefits and drawbacks of that format, you might want to check out Cedar City.