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Need some solid commitments for a 2E game.

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  • Need some solid commitments for a 2E game.

    So here's the deal. I'd LOVE to run a 2E CoD game. I don't have a handle on Mage, yet, TBH, so probably VtR or WtF. Its not close to happening, though, bc I don't want to waste my time building a setting and outline unless I KNOW that I have players. My time zone is EST and I'm available Friday evenings, and most weekends for a Roll20 game. Voice chat at least. Not interested in a text based chat game or PBP.

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    I can work around sunday or saturday, both in the evenings, and I can work with VtR or WtF; although, I'm not as familiar with Werewolf. I'm also in EST.

    Wow I wish I had something cool to say here


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      I would love to play Vampire. I could probably do Sunday nights. I don't want to do werewolf though. I am in Central.
      I could probably get 1 more to play with me who is in EST - right there you could have 3 players.


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        I would love to play I'm EST also


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          Ok I can work with this. Let me see what I can do.


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            Is this still gonna happen ?


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              I'm in the process of pulling together a Requiem 2E game on Roll20. Take a look at the posting to see if it interests you!

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