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Looking to join, or start a VtR 2e Game

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  • Looking to join, or start a VtR 2e Game

    I've replaced the previous post as it's no longer relevant, as stated in the updates below, I have 3 guaranteed players, maybe a fourth, and we're looking for a GM for a Saturday Night Vampire The Requiem 2e Game. It would start at 7:30 CST weekly, sessions would last a minimum of 2 hours, longer if everyone's feeling it. We're hoping to do a long term game. Please apply here if your interested:
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    As an update, I've had someone join my game, with a possible third player, so I'm now looking for a GM for the game and not to join one, if your interested plz apply here:


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      Second update, our game now has 4 players, possible a fifth, we still need a GM, hit me up yo.


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        Still searching for GM if anyone is interested.