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Using World of Darkness art.

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  • Using World of Darkness art.

    Hi, I'm building an online game using the 20th anniversary edition Mage. Not only did I buy the limited edition leather bound book, but I've collected almost all of the old world of darkness mage books. I'm starting a free online game to play with my friends. My question is if its okay to use wold of darkness artwork in my game provided I give credit to Onyx Path & White Wolf? I won't be charging any money for my friends to play, so at least that won't be a problem. Specifically I would like to use artwork from mage to create avatars for characters. Thanks!
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    Not a lawyer:

    1) Always assume the answer is emphatically no, unless you know otherwise.

    2) If you can find the old Dark Pack/Dark Spiral guidelines, it has specific guidelines for using WW property (including art work) for fan sites. While it is questionable in application, it's at least a decent guideline for what counts as "yes" without having to directly contact anyone. WWP has stated they are planning a revised guideline in the near future.

    3) Remember that Onyx Path licenses Mage from WWP. Onyx Path can advise you better than I could, but ultimately the owner is WWP and it's their call.

    4) Crediting people and not charging is important, but it isn't carte blanch to justify fair use.

    5) On the other hand... the worst they'll do is issue a Cease and Desist over this sort of thing if you opt to use copyrighted art. Which sucks to have to deal with, but it's not going to ruin your website if you do. Very few companies care much about this sort of thing, as evidenced by how many forums are full of user avatars made with copyrighted images (like my own!).