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Birmingham UK - Vampire (face to face - looking for group)

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  • Birmingham UK - Vampire (face to face - looking for group)

    Looking to run a Vampire game, set in Paris and using either V20 or Dark Ages 20. This is the stuff I posted on, as I think it serves okay here, too.
    Play Location/Method:Birmingham UK
    Game/System:Storyteller (Dark Ages 20/VtM20)
    Player or GM?I’m the GM for this game
    Time/Frequency:Alternate Wednesdays 7pm to 10pm
    Genre:Gothic Horror
    Current needs:Two or three players (looking for group, basically)
    Accept Drop-In Players?No
    Accept Spectators?Yes but please contact first as space is limited.
    Short description of the setting/campaign (5 lines or less):
    Paris is a city divided. Two courts, one high and one low, claim power over the Kindred, battling each other for control. As civil war threatens, the city is falling apart. Chaos threatens the city, and the centre cannot hold. The game will be open to characters from all clans though player choices may block some clans from being played. The focus will be RP/character playing rather than combat, final version of Vampire will be decided when/if I get players.