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Newbie looking for a 2E text-based game

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  • Newbie looking for a 2E text-based game

    I'm new to tabletop gaming in general, and have never played a Chronicles of Darkness game. I'm looking for a new-player friendly game. Play-by-post, IRC, Discord, etc. are all fine by me. I'm okay with voice chat for OOC stuff, but I'm more comfortable with roleplaying via text. I only own the 2E core rulebook and Mage so far, but I'm open to trying out anything. I'm EST, and I'm usually available from 6 or 7pm - midnight on weekdays, and all day on Saturdays.

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    I would join you in a Mage game, but I am not a Storyteller. But it would be fun to play Mage. I would love to play an Acanthus mage in a text based pbem game.


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      I'd be up for Mage via forum or some sort of chat---also as a player, though.

      Abyssals: Whom Death Has Called, a PEACH-as-heck attempt to make an Abyssal 3E holdover.

      Where I try to make Artifacts. When I finish them I'll probably post them in the Artifact Workshop thread so people can help me hammer them into shape.


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        Right now, top one is new WoD, second is classic, third is a weird combo of both, and 4th is actually home to 3 games, including WoD20. However, learning the chat commands can be daunting. (Though with a little respect and civility, you can usually find help.)

        For IRC, darkmyst server group has a bit of activity.

        The forums at look like they are active as well.


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          Hey Gossamer! I'm actually trying to recruit for a chronicle, starting with Innocents and then transitioning into adulthood and potentially supernatural templates if the players wanted that. Beans and wtaylorjr2001, you're welcome to write back if you're interested, too!


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            Oh, I actually replied to your thread before noticing your post here. Yeah, I'm definitely interested in it!


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              If it is OK with the OP, I'd like to throw my hat in as well. Any 2E CoD game would work, specially VtR or WtF.