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Hoping to gather a GM and some players for a Mage 2nd edition game

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  • Hoping to gather a GM and some players for a Mage 2nd edition game

    Greetings All.

    So my favourite RPG has had a 2nd edition out for a while now and I still have not had a chance to play it.

    I am really hoping to conjure up a pack of mystery seekers to go exploring with and a Storyteller to torment us all with some existential horror? I am looking to set up a PbP game, since I have a somewhat busy schedule and cant commit to regular meet ups on R20 and the like.

    Not overly picky regarding setting and the like, would rather give any prospective GM ultimate freedom in that regard. I would ask that house rules be kept to a minimum, so I have a chance to experience what the new edition is like as written.

    Not going to pitch character concepts just yet, I prefer to see what type of game we are going for first, but to keep things interesting why don't we have each prospective player answer the question 'Which Arcanum do you think is the most scary?'

    For me its Time. The notion that I, the person I am right now in this moment, could be overwritten or simply have never existed because some hapless time traveller negated my existence on some quest for 'the greater good' terrifies me. You will never know if its happened, indeed it already might have happened to you dozens of times without your knowledge. Shift perspectives to the prospective time traveller and it gets even more scary, what right do you have to rewind hours or days of the lives of every living person on the planet? How do you shoulder the responsibility for any potential consequences? It seems like an inherently hubristic action to me.
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    I'm not planning to ST, but I am planning to host a oneshot tomorrow at 2 pm EST, an hour after our Hellmouth game, if you're interested. Role of the ST will be filled by the MythicGM Emulator. PM me if you want the link to our Discord.


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      Thanks for the kind invite Mrmdubois! Unfortunately I am set to play 13th age with my regular group today. Its a good group but unfortunately one where a number of folks arent sold on Mage
      I have a moderately busy schedule, so was hoping for a PBP game (which I have just realised isnt overly clear from my OP, will edit this.)

      Have fun!

      Also whats this MythicGM Emulator? If you dont mind me asking.


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        I am interested in playing an Acanthus fortune teller.


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          Originally posted by Katana1515 View Post
          Also whats this MythicGM Emulator? If you dont mind me asking.
          No problem, I'm planning on having more Mage oneshots, so maybe some other time.

          MythicGM is a ST emulator, basically it uses some RNG tables to set scenes, and then you ask it yes/no questions to find out more specific details about what's in the scene. Players contribute ideas, NPCs and plot threads to have the MythicGM emulate and they interpret the information that the system puts out to tell the story. I like it because the more details you put in the more complex and better your stories can get, and I don't have to worry too much about hitting every story idea player's want to get to because eventually Mythic will get to all of it. I've had a pretty good level of success with in in a pbp game so far already, but I also like the immediacy of playing with people in voice. Hence the oneshots. I think you can get Mythic for like 5 bucks if you google it.


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            If anyone would ST, I'd bring Ignis, my Obrimos Mystagogue and his Familiar, Hoarfrost. Ignis works in an occult shop and is an alchemist with an affinity for the 4 elements (Forces 3, Matter 2, Prime 1).

            As for the "Which Arcanum do you think is the most scary?" part, it would have to be Spirit. You get to control a whole unseen realm of raw potential. Anything you wish to do you can do so from the comfort of your home with a few well placed whispers. Wanna kill someone? Have a murder Spirit stalk them, or convince their house to collapse when they're asleep...
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              I'd be down to play. Been itching to try out my thyrsus punk rock biologist concept.

              Fate is the freakiest arcana to me, because all it takes is one bad day/ good day to totally change someone's life.


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                For anyone who's still looking for a game and willing to try something off-site a good friend of mine just opened up applications for a new Mage 2E PbP. Here's his pitch:

                An old woman sits at a table, worn hands rubbing nervously at knotted wood while sightless eyes gaze into the unknowable.
                Her eyes move back and forth, as if scanning words, a story of correlation and causation being laid out for her alone.
                After a tense moment she calls for someone in another room, and she is helped away from the small scene you can see. As she is being led away you can hear the fear in her voice, tremors shaking her violently.
                "They're leaving though, Kev, the crows are leaving!"

                I'm looking for 4 to 5 players to play in a Mage the Awakening 2nd edition game!

                At the very least looking for weekly posting, if not once every three days. This game is set to Mature and is in English.