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  • Looking for players.

    Hey. I plan on hosting a Mage 2e Oneshot on the NERDHerd Discord servers tomorrow at 2 pm EST after our streamed dnd game. I've got a couple people in our group already interested but I need at least one more person to round the group out. I plan on using the MythicGM Emulator to replace the ST function, but it's okay if you're not familiar with it. You can hit me up tonight via PM if you're interested so we can talk about characters and some of the requirements a character needs to meet to mesh well with the MythicGM.

    While I plan on this being a oneshot that's mostly because I don't have the time to play consistenly, in other words there could be more oneshots in the future and you'd be welcome to keep using the same character(s) and accumulating XP on them.

    I have no idea how long the game will run, probably somewhere between the course of an entire short story to just whenever we feel like calling it a night.

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    First oneshot went pretty well I think, the setting (We chose L.A.) still needs some fleshing out, but as things happen so will that. Now that the first one is done with I'm looking for more players who might be interested. I'm going to try to keep the group to around 4 at a time, but since I don't know when I and other players will be available the schedule is pretty flexible. Hit me up if you want to talk characters and times. Alternatively, you can join the Discord just to look for other people who want to play games, I'm more than happy to hand out the link in PM.


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      I can't make any promises, but this Saturday looks like it might be good for running another Mage Oneshot at 2:00 EST. Hit me up in a PM if you're interested.


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        Drat. Wish I could join you, but I'll probably still be asleep at the time (I usually don't wake up until 3-5 pm). Also, this weekend I'll be visiting my family. Thanks for the offer though.