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2 H:tR players looking for online ST, PAID GIG.

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  • 2 H:tR players looking for online ST, PAID GIG.

    Hello! My friend and I are looking to play a game of Hunter: the Reckoning online and we need a storyteller. We are willing to pay $25 per 3-4 hour session. We have characters already rolled up and raring to go. We're looking for a game that allows us to do combat on a regular basis. While we enjoy the minutiae of roleplaying and interpersonal conflict, as well as mystery and intrigue, we both really enjoy the opportunity to kick monster ass. We'd ideally like to play every other week, perhaps on Mondays or Tuesdays. We're used to a Skype/ format, but we are flexible. I understand that this site has online play support? Please send me a private message for details. Thanks for reading!