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Looking for a 2E Mage/Vampire PBP game.

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  • Looking for a 2E Mage/Vampire PBP game.

    Hello all,

    I am looking for a 2E PBP game that I can join. I am an active player and enjoy being part of the community I have several Character concept to fit any group, Please let me know if you have room in you group or if you plan on starting a new group. Power level doesn't matter to me as the concepts that I have can be used at any level.

    I am looking at starting a game sometime in the near future and will be looking for players. Keep an eye out for a game from me. I have several game ideas and I will run it past the group as to the one they would like to play in.

    Once again Please let me know if you have room in a game.

    I have player in several 2E Mage games but have yet to experience a 2e Vampire game, come to think of it I have yet to experience a nWoD Vampire game, made a character once but the game never got off the ground.

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    I can also play via a VTT session and that would be really easy to do. I use Fantasy Grounds as the VTT and they have a module for the nWoD and I believe the Chronicles of Darkness.


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      Still looking if there is a Mage/Vampire game starting or if someone needs a replacement in an existing game.


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        I've been wanting to join a group myself, so I'll keep an eye out if you ever decide to start a Chronicle.

        If I can't find a group though, I do plan on starting a 2E Vampire Chronicle. It'd be my first time though, so I have no idea how good it'll turn out.


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          I have already started a Chronicle and it just started but still going, I would like to join one that will last. So I do not plan of starting another.