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  • Looking for a Mage skype game

    The title basically explains it. Pbp just fall apart far too easily. I find that a good first few sessions in real time can launch a game so much farther forward than several months of play by post can. This in turn breathes a lot of life into the interest of the game.

    So, that being said, I would like to be one of the players. I don't feel comfortable enough with running a game myself, and I'm itching to figure out mysteries during game play.

    I would like the setting to be Salamanca Spain, as the central mystery to that location is very intriguing to me (this is negotiable).

    I would personally like to play a Mystogogue Mastigos. The Mastigos path is of large interest to me, while the Mysterium interests me in that they have their very own mystery that they engage in (the atlantean mystery, wherein you acquire ability within the egregore).

    I'd like to keep horror somewhat on the down low. I'm not so much referring to personal horror where you make decisions and have to deal with the fall out of how you use your magic and mundane skills (that's a central theme to Mage, after all), but rather less gore and monsters, if you will. I wouldn't mind a touch of crossover from the other splats (especially changeling), but in general I think it would be best if we stuck to Mage, as far as that goes.

    It would be really nice if the merits from the spoiled portions of Signs of Sorcery to be available. And in that same vein, there is a list of home brewed merits on these forums. I would take it as a personal favor if the storyteller at least looked through that list, if not actually allowed any of them.

    I'd like there the be a player limit of 5, with a preference towards 2, 3, or 4. Fewer players means the storyteller can get into more personal quests for the players' characters, which is sometimes either critical or very desirable. Just to note, if there's no other player interest, I would not be completely opposed to a solo game.

    Currently I work third shift on an eastern standard time zone, so I'm really only available late, late Friday's or on Saturdays. Some Saturdays I would not be available, and I'm sure that others will have times when they cannot meet as well.

    Finally, to drum up a bit of interest, here's a couple of questions: What are your three most favorite spells in 2ed, and why?

    Mine are Teleportation, Alter Direction, and Augment Mind. The first spell is the iconic poster boy for Space magic, and the fact that you can now teleport things between two locations without actually being there is amazing. The second spell sums up some of the awesomeness that is now Space magic; Alter Direction is capable of doing so many different things based upon the scenario and spell factors. Finally, Augment Mind is the Mind spell I would most want to be able to have in real life if magic were real; the ability to increase how fast my mind works, or to increase my natural charisma, or even to just become more resolved would be absolutely fantastic!

    So! Anyone interested in storytelling or playing a 2ed Mage the Awakening game?

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    Well, I'd love to play! Only thing missing is an ST it seems. If anyone would ST, I'd bring Ignis, my Obrimos Mystagogue and his Familiar, Hoarfrost. Ignis works in an occult shop and is an alchemist with an affinity for the 4 elements (Forces 3, Matter 2, Prime 1).
    My favorite spells from 2e would possibly be Shaping (oh the joy of DIY things coming out perfect!!!), Discern Composition (as a geologist it would save me a lot of headaches) and basically the entire Forces Arcanum (control over electronic equipment and the forces of Nature including but not restricted to: weather, fire, temperature and being able to fly and be invisible? WHERE DO I SIGN?!)


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      Hehehe! I love to see that enthusiasm!

      Also, it's nice to see another fellow mystagogue! Having two players in that order makes doing internal affairs much more interesting.

      As to do you mean? My understanding of alchemy in Mage is that it's basically the Matter arcanum.


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        Well, that's basically it. He's an Obrimos who dabs in Matter, his Obsession being the perfection of Nature, his Hubris being to control it. Working in an occult shop, he sometimes empowers the ingredients just a tad bit so, making incense more fragrant, infusions more potent, the crystals more limpid. That's why he's an alchemist.


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          Fair enough. I just have seen other people talk about alchemy as if they were talking about potions or other cool, non Mage magic. The way you said he was an alchemist without him being a Moros made me think you might have meant something like that. That's why I was looking for clarification.

          In any case, yeah, we just need a storyteller now.

          As to my character, I was actually thinking of tying his awakening into the main mystery at Salamanca. Like, he'd been a decent businessman before and had been on a vacation with his girlfriend and her family. Unknown to him his girlfriend's family was a proximus dynasty run by the silver ladder and his girlfriend was actually a mage herself. Her father starts to think that my character will not awaken, so the girlfriend takes drastic action and brings the character along through a portal to another world. He awakens during the process, but only he returns when the portal collapses, which of course doesn't follow the norm for that mystery.

          Something like that, anyways. It can be changed if that isn't the setting.


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            The character I'm envisioning would have an obsession with irises and portal magic (emphasis on Space), and would be hubristic (i.e. apathetic) about the connections formed to create and explore such magic.

            So, HTaiji, out of curiosity, what made you want to go with Obrimos over Moros? I'm with you there, I personally prefer the Obrimos path over the Moros myself, but given that the alchemist is one of the achetypes of the Moros, its an interesting twist to see an Obrimos pursuing that archetype.


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              Forces and Prime. Ignis is a guy who Awoke during a time of revelation, meditating over a fire, communing with the Elements. His Path became Obrimos because he really isn't about the experience of alchemy, studying it for its sake. No, he uses it as a tool to shape the world around him, to be in control of Nature around him, just as he controls the skies, the winds, light, heat, flame and lightning itself. Obrimos being the Path of the Mighty, and him wanting control, made the most sense. He'd then learn Matter to be able to more closely manipulate the other elemental manifestations.


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                Ah. I see. Makes sense. It's a natural complement to his Forces focus. Interestingly enough, I feel the same way about Life and both Mind and Space. Life magic is a natural complement to Mind magic, combining to give perfect control of both the body and mind. It also helps a Space mage handle some of the crazy crap one can get into by all that exploration they tend to do.


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                  I would like to play a fortune teller, a very accurate but not perfect fortune teller. A male fortuneteller, you don't get many of those. as an Acanthus I would be Fate 3 Time 2 and Space 1 as an elective. He is black, though he grew up with and was trained by the Roma, awakened ones. I believe that they were the roaming fortunetellers and such.
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                    Discord instead of Skype, but hey.


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                      Mrmdubois : Aye, it doesn't strictly have to be skype, but this weekend doesn't look good for me. And while I am craving some mage, one of the things I like most about these rpgs is the ability to see long term progress in both character development and story development. Thanks for the offer though. If this weekend did work out for me I'd definitely try to join in.

                      Also, welcome wtaylorjr2001. Having an Acanthus would help to make the cabal a little bit more well rounded, so great!


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                        Well, I plan on letting characters achieve long term progress, I'm just staging it as oneshots because I don't plan on running them regularly and I expect that I'll have players like you that drop in and out depending on my infrequent schedule. Maybe next time.


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                          Hi everyone, I'd love to join y'all! Unfortunately, I'm not comfortable STing but playing in a low-horror Chronicles of Darkness game sounds like a dream. Ideally I'd like to play an Obrimos university student focusing on Prime and Mind. If y'all are wanting an all Mystagogue game then I'd be happy to play along. If you'd prefer diversity, I am just as happy playing a Libertine.
                          As to your question, my three favorite spells in order are:
                          #1, Psychic Genesis, especially in combination w/ life, prime or matter 5, because creating a brand new being ex-nihilo is an awesome capstone ability.
                          #2, Words of Truth, because it's just plain cool.
                          #3, Transform Life, because who doesn't want to become a tentacle monster? (This is perfectly innocent; get your head out out of the gutter, lol.)

                          I'm also in eastern time, and I'm available on Friday nights but I'm already in a skype Exalted game that happens on Saturday afternoons. I don't mind playing two games on Saturdays but the scheduling might be difficult.


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                            Originally posted by Mrmdubois View Post
                            Well, I plan on letting characters achieve long term progress, I'm just staging it as oneshots because I don't plan on running them regularly and I expect that I'll have players like you that drop in and out depending on my infrequent schedule. Maybe next time.
                            Ah, I see. It's unfortunate then that my schedule doesn't work out this coming Saturday. I'll keep it in mind come your next one shot.

                            Fictional Dynasty : welcome! An all mystagogue group would definitely be interesting. Four new mages to a concilium that join together as a cabal and all join the same order would give that order a pretty decent bump in political power, among other things. And don't worry about possibly doubling down on paths, it seems that your character's concept and Taiji's are different.

                            Well, that's four players that are interested. I wonder if we can get a St to join in.
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                              For when a group doesn't have an ST I advocate for MythicGM.