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    Okay, I checked out Innocents! It looks like the rules for child characters only go up to age 12. After that, it looks like teens are (mostly) treated as adult characters mechanically. I only saw one difference. So, I'm thinking I'll keep things simple and say my girl is 12.

    As a 12-year old, her skills would cap out at 3 dots

    Just one more quick question (for now). Should we be filling out the character sheet in Innocents, or the CofD one and just use the Innocents attribute/skill rules?


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      I would say to use the CofD sheet.


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        Cool! I'll try and get a character sheet done this weekend. Might be next week though, since I've got a busy weekend.


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          Posting to get us back on track. It's been too quiet. Are you both still a Go Go?


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            Yep, I am! Didn't finish my character sheet this weekend, but it's almost done. Think I just need to pick my merits still.


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              Quick question on Merits. I took Quick Draw () from the Innocents book, but I noticed that Quick Draw works differently between Innocents and Chronicles of Darkness. Can I take the version of the merit from Innocents?

              This is the version from the CofD book:

              Quick Draw (•)
              Prerequisites: Wits •••, a Specialty in the weapon or
              fighting style chosen
              Effect: Choose a Specialty in Weaponry or Firearms when
              you purchase this Merit. Your character has trained in that
              weapon or style enough that pulling the weapon is his first
              reflex. Drawing or holstering that weapon is considered a reflexive
              action, and can be done any time his Defense applies.

              And this is the version from the Innocents book:

              Quick Draw (• or ••)
              Prerequisite: Dexterity •••
              Effect: He always knows exactly where all his stuff
              is — or maybe it’s the result of endless hours spent playing
              pirate or mystic space knight. The end result is the same:
              your character can draw an item from somewhere on his
              person and use it in the same turn (even attack with it, if
              the item in question is a weapon).Your character does not
              lose his Defense for pulling an item from a pocket or bag
              worn, or even a concealed weapon from his person.
              This Merit must be bought separately for tools (•
              used with all items like flashlights, cameras, cell phones
              or keys), melee weapons (••) or guns (••).


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                The Innocents version is fine by me.


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                  Sorry for the delay in finishing up that character sheet! My week was super busy until today, so planning to finish that up tonight after work.


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                    Hey Gossamer. No worries. I have been busy, myself o.o

                    Though, I think we lost a player, so it doesn't seem like we're in a rush or anything.

                    We should probably browse about for another player or two.