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Looking for a LGBT Friendly Geist/ Changeling Game

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  • Looking for a LGBT Friendly Geist/ Changeling Game

    Hello, I am Ember16. I do not really have much more to say than that which is in the title. I am open to PbP, voice, et cetra (though I admit to being more comfortable with the text-based nature of the former.) I am also a MtF transgender person (I prefer she/her pronouns, but I understand if people mess up, I will not get mad.)
    And, well, that is about it…
    Thank you all for your time.
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    I might suggest you wait for the new edition later this year. Not sure how many folks are playing Geist with a replacement on the horizon.

    Just call me Lex.

    Female pronouns for me, please.


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      I understand that, but still, I am hoping there will be enough to put a game together.


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        I'm not sure how interested I'd be in Geist or Changeling specifically for the reason Lex mentioned, but a trans femme oriented gaming group is something I've been interested in putting together for a while. Feel free to shoot me a pm if you want to talk about it.


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          I will be glad to find a PbP Geist chronicle as well. I'm also looking for a text based roleplay since I'm not english native and my english isn't very good...

          PS: I'm straight....^^;
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            Hey there,

            My spouse and I run a play by post forum with Changeling: The Dreaming on it, if you're interested in C20. I'm a cisman and my spouse is queer, but we've had a couple trans players here and there. I realize CTD isn't the same as Changeling: The Lost, but I also realize how difficult it is to find safe spaces so I figured I'd offer.

            Take care, and I hope you find a good game.