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Looking to play Demon: the Decent

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  • Looking to play Demon: the Decent

    I have been reading through the Demon: The Descent as I have a great interest in running this game, but whenever I read through a new system I don't really get a feel for the game and mechanics unless I run through it as a player and so far finding anyone who has played it has become somewhat difficult.

    For this reason, I thought I'd seek out a game on the official forums.

    I'm basically looking for an already assembled group I can join--preferably with an experienced Storyteller--so that things run fairly smoothly and I can learn the gameplay mechanics properly. Whether it's with experienced players or fellow novices works for me.

    I own copy of the core book, revisions for 2nd Ed of CoD, as well as the Flowers of Hell Players Guide.

    I should state that I am actually well versed in classic WoD settings and have run quite a few games, but am an amateur when it comes to the new settings and lore mainly because it never held much interest for me personally.

    But when I heard the rave about Demon I decided to take a look and was pleasantly surprised by the setting and the style of the game and wanted to try it myself.

    Any games with open spots or any recommendations would be appreciated

    Thank You :-)

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    Ive run a short DtD game before. Im looking to play the darn thing myself. If you don't find a game I could give you some pointers I learned from the short experience I had with the setting.
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      Also it always makes me laugh how when there is any activity in these DtD threads, the view count starts increasing quicker.


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        Lol, actually yea any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have read a few play by posts and seen some character concepts thus far, but still, have not found any live games. A real pity.