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[LFP] [EST] [Roll20] [W20] 1-2 more for Imperial Roman setting

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  • [LFP] [EST] [Roll20] [W20] 1-2 more for Imperial Roman setting

    "Now in this island of Britannia the men of ancient times built a long wall, cutting off a great swathe of it...many people dwell to the south of it, living in the same fashion as other men, and the trees abound with fruits, and the grain-fields flourish, and abundant are the springs of water. But to the north everything is the reverse: men cannot survive there, and serpents and dragons and wild beasts beyond counting dwell there. They say that the souls of the dead are always drawn to this place."

    -Procopius of Caesarea, Ὑπὲρ τῶν πολέμων λόγοι, VII xx. 45-49, c. AD 545
    Hello folks! Looking for one or two more players for Ad Finem Terrae, a W20 game set in Roman Britain in the autumn of AD 130. This game will be text-based with a set, live game time--likely on Friday nights, biweekly, but this is negotiable--and optional PbP elements.

    No prior knowledge of the time period is required; a 'Rage Across Britannia'-type mock sourcebook will be provided with all you need to play your character, whether Roman or barbarian. Fera, Kinfolk, White Howlers are all playable options. Newbies to W20 are very much welcome: current confirmed players are all new, so you would be in good company! To help acclimatise our new players, we will be starting with the good ol' Rite of Passage, so while veterans are also welcome, some patience might be required.

    This will be an RP-heavy game; my WtA games generally see combat only every 4-5 sessions. Prospective players must be LGBT-friendly, have an easy-going attitude, and be at least literate enough to make themselves understood. Ad Finem Terrae is intended to be a long-term game, beginning in Britannia but travelling elsewhere, so keep this in mind before applying.

    If interested, please reply here, PM me, or add me on Discord for a chat (anomalocaris #3279)!