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A Mage and Changeling LARP near Barcelona Spain

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  • A Mage and Changeling LARP near Barcelona Spain

    Hey everybody,

    I’m a German guy living in Barcelona. We dispose of a land house nearby with quite some land surrounding it. I am working as a therapist and I have always been intrigued by the cathartic effect of theatre. I also remember a boy scout camp when I was little, where we organized a fairy forest game in the woods with different stations where dressed up friends prepared challenges for the different groups passing by. Finally we all gathered in a torch lid clearing and had meal together. That memory is very magical to me. I also was introduced to PnP on a boy scout hike, so landscape and imagination have always been for me in a way interwoven.
    In my opinion the World of Darkness Systems are a great achievement that not only brings a literary dimension to RPGs but they also open up spaces of shared imagination that are grounded in existential human experience. I am especially interested in Changeling and Mage with their themes of trauma, abuse, escapism on one hand and in the case of Mage of platonic philosophy and creativity.
    I would love to hear from you, if you are interested in organizing with me a LARP event on our land centering around those systems.
    I think that we could provide a really fun experience and it would be so nice to get to know you people to bounce ideas back and forth with.

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    Man, if I weren't all the way to the other side of the north of Spain I would be glad to help with such an awesome project. Anyway I am glad to know that there are excellent people like you with great ideas like these, I wish you the best of lucks, you can do a lot of good with therapeutic role playing.

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      Dude, thanks for your approval. At least you're living in the same country. I think it's viable to plan the whole thing via Skype and then meet a few days before the LARP at our place to prepare everything. I do think Rpgs in themselves are therapeutic because they give room for communication and self-expression. I also think that in the worst case a therapeutic rpg could be as unattractive as an educational video game. I want the whole experience to be about having fun, but maybe for that it also has to be gripping and meaningful.