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Diceless Forum Based Mystery Game [CofD setting]

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  • Diceless Forum Based Mystery Game [CofD setting]

    So this is an idea which I've had for a very long time, based on some "acting game" which I made once for my theater class, together with some inspiration from things like Durarara. The main idea of the game is having a chat like platform, filled with anonymous characters which have to solve certain riddles, mysteries and similar weird phenomena. The rules are pretty simple- as the "game master", I'll take the role of the "chat moderator". Any player would choose a certain persona and a nickname, and send it to me through PM. As we are working in a CofD setting, the characters should be based around this setting (canon material only, out of simplicity), and each writeup would include 10 details about the character (such as splats, anchors, merits, important life aspects, etc). While the goal of all the characters is to solve the mysteries presented by the moderator, which would grant them "points", identifying important details about the other characters would also gain them a point per such detail. Using points, characters can either buy new details about themselves (5 points per detail), change details (3 points), cause a new mystery (10 points) or gain an hint for a mystery (2 points). Characters may not use supernatural powers in order top directly gain details or solve mysteries, of course (but they may have other uses, as certain mysteries may require the use of certain powers). Out of chat actions are allowed, and would be regulated through PMs. If a character has all of its details discovered, they are "banned" from the chat, and the player would need to make up a new character. The moderator itself is also a character, and as such could also be investigated to gain points- even though they have 50 details, and could gain more by having the characters fail solving mysteries. If the moderator is revealed, they are banned and the winning player replace them as the new moderator (either as the same character, or as a new character), and all of the characters gain a completion to 10 new details which are sent to the new moderator, while the old one become a new character.

    So, as it is an experimental system which has never been play tested before, I do expect for some bumps and adjustments in the road. While there is no real limit on the number of characters, I expect to have at least 3-4 players before we start the game to make it interesting enough. I plan on playing the game as PbP in those forums.I hope that you'll find the idea as interesting, and let's have fun

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