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[Looking for players] 2eVtr - playtest for Primacy conversion, pbp

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  • [Looking for players] 2eVtr - playtest for Primacy conversion, pbp

    Hello, over here I'm working on a 2e compatible conversion of 1e's Primacy rules-set, as found in the Damnation City supplement.

    Time has come for a play-test. I'm looking for a few more players (say, 2). We'll play via . The format is play by post. Aiming for 1 post per one or two days, for players.

    A Prince in Need is a 2nd edition Vampire; the Requiem chronicle. Its purpose is to play-test a homebrewed, 2nd edition compatible version of the Primacy rules-set, as originally found in the Damnation City 1st edition supplement.
    The chronicle starts in the year 2007 and it takes place in Holland's Southern Counties, a domain which roughly encompasses the Dutch province of South-Holland.
    The players take on the role of rising stars in the All Night Society. These Primacy characters were part of the same coterie when they were fledgling neonates. The campaign begins with the characters being approached by another former coterie member, the current Prince. She asks the troupe to help her grow into her power, so that she may be more than a puppet to the council of Primogen.

    You can find a brief overview of the setting for the Chronicle over here. Further details will depend on Climbing the Ladder.

    Please PM me if you're interested.