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The Will to Power: Prom 2nd Edition Chronicle

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  • The Will to Power: Prom 2nd Edition Chronicle


    Okay so far we have a ST (me) and one player. Can we get at least one more player? Any takers?

    Basically we will have a Discord session 2 - 4 hours once a week and play by post the rest of the time more or less.

    I've ran three PTC 1st edition chronicles before - this is my first time with 2nd edition. I am making the chronicle now, but I need to know the rough ideas for the characters and I would like to collaborate a bit on this.

    Please drop me a line if interested. If I could get your email address that would be great too.

    All of our chronicle notes will be kept here:

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    As long as timing/scheduling allows, I would be interested. Might be the only chance I get to play Promethean...


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      Let's do it!!!


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        Not sure what the theme and setting of the game is going to be, but at the moment I'm torn between playing either a Tammuz escape artist made from a convicted felon in prison, or an Unfleshed medic in the vein of Baymax from Big Hero 6. Feel free to give input on which might be more appropriate/interesting!


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          If you're down for one more player, I'm potentially interested. Let me know when you're planning on playing and the gist of the Chronicle!


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            If the timing is right. I am interested too! What time will you be on discord?


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              I'd love to get involved, if you're willing to take me on.

              Raksi plays Peek-a-boo for keeps. ~ nalak42