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Vampire Reqiuem / Promethean 2nd Edition - Crossover

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  • Vampire Reqiuem / Promethean 2nd Edition - Crossover


    ​So we are looking to play by post in Tavern-Keeper (like 5 posts a week or MORE - so if you can post daily at least) and then try one Discord channel 2 -4 hour session a month depending on everyone's schedule.

    ​I have enough prometheans, but I would like 1 -2 vampire characters. The requirements are that you take some skill specializations in Alchemy or Prometheans (or both) like in Occult. Ordo Dracul would be preferable - but Invictus or Circle of the Crone work too. The Carthians and Lancea Sanctum do not exist in this city so you cannot be part of them.

    Brief City Set Up

    Okay, it is not your stereotypical city. Actually it is pretty messed up. There are TWO Princes because the city is contested. And the Circle of the Crone is split into two covenants (mechanically they are treated separately like for Status and what not).

    ​An Ordo Dracul Voivode "Prince" leads half the vampires, along with the Circle - Semioticians (they believe the Crone is a metaphor), and two unbound groups. The Dragon Voivode is extremely anti-social, paranoid, and rarely attends to his duties - he is thought to be a master of Obfuscate, Auspex, and Dominate constantly spying on his subjects and even experimenting on their minds so everyone is very careful about what they do and say. Because of the lack of traditional boundaries, Ordo Dracul and Circle - Semioticians freely share Coils and Cruac with each other. There are a few other groups of Vampires that don't belong to the traditional covenants also in this camp, one is based on a mortal street gang where they still draw their power and the other is a group based around the ownership of some gay bars.

    ​A Circle - Hag Cult Queen "Prince" (Hag Cult has dreams about a Hag who they think is the Crone) leads the other camp, supported by the Invictus. The Hag Queen is some type of seer and obsessed with dreaming about the Hag - she usually let's her seneschal handle the day-to-day who is an Invictus Daeva who is very immature and more interested in socializing than ruling. When the Hag Queen is lucid she rants and raves about the other Acolytes (the Semioticians) and their contrary beliefs about the Crone (Hag) and how they share Cruac with the Ordo Dracul. "Do What Thou Wilt" is definitely the order of the day. The Invictus would like to exert more control and power, but the Hag Queen is just personally too powerful and won't allow a different Invictus member to act as her seneschal - the Hag Queen wants that immature Daeva to retain her position.

    ​So basically there are two very dysfunctional groups of vampires - the powerless Invictus usually tries to clean up Masquerade breaches from both sides - the Traditions exist in law, but in reality it is very chaotic. Ghouls and embracing are not really regulated that well, territories are not respected and poaching is common, vampires who are weak and can't defend themselves are usually killed, revenants exist throughout the city, and so forth. For the mortals, the crime and murder rates are out of control as the Invictus- controlled mortal media tries to brush as many things as they can under the rug.

    ​Anyways, ALL of this is the setting - we have enough Promethean players - just need 1 - 2 vampires and this is what they know about the setting.

    Drop me a line if you are interested in joining:

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    Can you explain how tavern keeper works for me?


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      It's very easy - once I get all the players together we will go through it.


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        I would love to play and I am on Tavern Keeper already!


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          We are FULL UP - I emailed you all, so follow up with me by email