The Dream of Michael has been shattered. Constantinople burns as its empire falls to Latin fervor and greed. As Byzantium’s strength fades, the stability it once provided fades and the land returns once more to chaos. Kindred and Kine both suffer and die as new conflicts and old prejudices ignite.
Yet amidst the blood and horror the long sleeping might of proud Bulgaria has awoken for the first time in centuries, free of the shackles of Greek authority. From the capital of Veliko Tarnovo, Emperor Kaloyan builds his power while the people vow never again to be the vassal of another power. In the chaos that reigns across the land, Bulgaria will carve a place for itself, forged and tempered in the embers of a dying empire, that will stand for a thousand years.
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Player Name:
RPG Experience:
Character Concept(s): (Please list 3-9 character concepts following the below example)
*Character Concept Format Example:
Name: Vigilius Akropolites
Clan: Lasombra (Prohibited Clans: Assamite, Ravnos, Settite, Ventrue)
Concept: John the Baptist-style preacher/prophet has come to Tarnovo to excoriate the powerful for their vices and chart a path to the future.
Personality: Vain, Spiteful, Extroverted, Seductive, Playful
Goals: Establish a congregation of the true faithful following the Word of the Mother of Thorns
*This game assumes past events have followed the metaplot, however the actions of the characters/NPC's during the game have the freedom to alter events going forward.
This game will be ran via Discord/Google Hangouts + Roll20. Webcams & Mics are mandatory.
This game will focus heavily on immersive styled play and will require players to be proactive in developing fleshed out characters whose motivations and goals will shape the plot. Combat will certainly come into play when and where appropriate however the game will focus primarily on politicking and social interaction as the main action of the game.
The premise of the chronicle involves the rise of the capital city of Veliko Tarnovo and and the Second Bulgarian Empire in the power vacuum left after the sacking of Constantinople in 1204. The characters are neonates who, whether residents or foreigners, have been commanded by their sires to advocate for their interests in this new, growing power. The chronicle will see the characters getting in on the ground floor of a new regional power and making a name for themselves in the process. In some respects this chronicle intends to be a kingdom development rather than a kingdom building game.