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[Chronicle of Darkness] Gotham Needs GM's !

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  • [Chronicle of Darkness] Gotham Needs GM's !

    Gotham is a setting dedicated to the Chronicles of Darkness 2nd Edition rules set. We have primarily been playing Vampire: The Requiem with a group of five players for about twelve sessions. We stream our games online on Twitch and later upload them to Youtube.

    We are happy with the setting and the Vampire game thus far, but would love to add to the setting by incorporating more Chronicles of Darkness games to happen concurrently with one another. The idea would be to have events in one game inform the others by adding to the flavor of the city and in character news. For this, we need more GM's to pad out the roster!
    Prospective GM's need to be able to work with existing GM's to create a shared narrative within a campaign setting where each party and GM may need to add on to existing elements and work within each others stories.
    We are currently looking to fill in games for Wednesdays and Sundays in 6 PM EST time slots.
    Interested applicants should post below with the listed information, and we will get in touch.


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    This is a copy of another listing looking for GM's, the 'post below' information is as follows:

    Discord Handle
    Time Zone
    Preferred Chronicles of Darkness game
    Past GM Experience
    Pitch for a Campaign


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      The offer still stands, there is a guarantee to find motivated roleplayers (especially for mage at the moment and for some werewolf as well) and other gm with whom you can work to expand the setting and create complex stories !



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        Geist 2nd Ed. (It's still a little bit away, but I wanted to get my hat in early.

        I started GMing with Vampire: the Masquerade in the early 90s. I've run: VtM MET LARPS (Camarilla) for a few years, a KotE game for 5 years spanning 100 yrs in-game time, DtF, and MtC. I've also run two Star Wars campaigns, one under d20 and one under FATE. I've not yet run CofD, but I very much want to as I've loved the WoD/nWoD since the 90s.

        Geist is a bit of an underappreciated gem of the nWoD. It's a little rough around the edges though, and the new edition looks to be really tightening it up, focusing it a bit more thematically, and streamlining some mechanics.

        I'd want to tell tales that thrived on the tension between life on the street level of Gotham, and the stalking, oppressive presence of the Underworld. We would deal with some of the death and fallout from the other lines, trying to help survivors and departed both process the aftermath. It would be a game of hopeful struggle, trying to hold the line between the quick and dead, all while trying to figure out our own places and destiny within this new life as one of the Bound.

        Amidst fantastic challenges and towering spires, will the Krewe create a semblance of peace for Gotham and themselves? Or will ever deepening descents into ancient catacombs and mystery religion strip their connections to the living and leave them as Lords of the Dead?

        VtR 2v5 Homebrew: VtR 2e base with my favorite V5 mechanics