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Story Teller recruitment for a for a One on One Exalted(3rd edition Solar) game

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  • Story Teller recruitment for a for a One on One Exalted(3rd edition Solar) game

    Time to take chances ,get messy ,make mistakes, and try and find an exalted game to play! I'm looking to do a One on One Solar game. I'm looking for the game to run from the start of May to end of July (So about three mouths) With one session every week. That would make a total of twelve to fourteen sessions.

    My main two goals is first to tell a complete story. Something that ,once completed, has a beginning ,middle, and end. I think this will help prevent a burn out for both me and any potential Story Teller if we have a goal to work towards. Braking a big problem into more manageable small one if you fallow me. It would also make for good reading/ listing when I post the session for people to review. Really though I want to see how to run a game to completion. I've tried running exalted games with no experience before, and it did not end to my satisfaction. really it just petered out with nothing but the starting adventure done. Part of me thinks that if I have someone walk me threw how the game is played that I might be able to build a better campaign when it comes time to try and make a campaign again. This of course brings me to my second goal: I want to learn how to play. Both as a player and as a Story Teller. It's all well and good to own the book and read the rules, but at least for me I can't really get them to stick in my head until I start using them. (This is more or less what happened to me with 40k too)

    With that in mind I want to just start out using the 3e core book. I have the other books they've put out for third edition thus far, (and most of second edition as well) but the first book is so thick on both pages and content I think I might just get overwhelmed if I tried to use them all out the gate.
    Keeping this in mind I think ideally each session would focus on one or two game mechanics building the complexity as we go. Start off with some problem solving with skill checks, and stunting. Add in some basic combat and you have most of the first session. The week after that start throwing charms into the mix. Maybe a little mass combat. After that start working with the social combat system. In all of this I would be chronicling the game in dedicated Exalted thread on some other form bored I post on as well as hear on Onyx Path's, and inviting people to pick apart how the game went, with the goal of a neutral third party pointing out the things I was doing right and wrong, and highlighting areas we (Me and my hypothetical ST) could focus on next.

    So is anyone interested? I would like to start planing this as soon as possible as I only have entail this Monday, and then I'm going back to work.
    10 work day on top of hour and half commute(round trip) means I'm only going really have Sunday threw Tuesday to do stuff, so the more I can have things set in advance the better. Also please note this is not the only place this is going up. I'm trying to cast as wide a net as possible.