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[Roll20] [Streamed Game] Looking for One Player For Vampire: DAV20

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  • [Roll20] [Streamed Game] Looking for One Player For Vampire: DAV20

    Schedule: Every other Sunday between 17:00 to 21:00 UTC-4 (5:00pm to 9:00pm EDT, so it'll be UTC-5 after October)
    Platform: Discord (for voice) and Roll20 (for video and character sheets)
    Looking for: One additional player that can make that time reliably and has at least a decent web camera, microphone, and Internet connection.
    Pitch: Set in 1122 in the Duchy of Bavaria (Southern Germany), an ancient vampire reclaims the lands of his birth, but now, must be able to defend it from threats from all sides, from his own clansmen he abandoned and his ancient enemies. As the PCs, you are his council to rely upon, chosen for politics and potency of blood, but as new as you are, are you truly ready, or are you another casualty in the politics of the Cainites?

    If you are interested and have the ability to make the times reliably and have everything needed, send me a PM or respond to this thread. I already have four players, and a fifth would round everything out.

    EDIT: Closed up and full. Thanks to everyone that showed interest!
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    I'm interested. I sent you a private message with more info.