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(Roll20) VTM: 20th game looking for one more player

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  • (Roll20) VTM: 20th game looking for one more player

    Chronicle Name: Rite of the Seventh Swords
    ST: negZero
    Play Slots Available: 1
    System: V20
    Setting: Philadelphia
    Method: Voice and Roll 20
    Status: Recuiting
    Rite of Seventh Swords is currently set in 1996 Philadelphia. Using mainly the V20 core book however some other source books are allowed. This will be mainly 90% roleplay and 10 % combat game. At this point you will be currently playing fledging/new embrace character. The game will be mainly horror mystery and personal journey
    The current city is in a war. The Cam-Anarchs have agreed to work together to dislodge the Sabbat. The party is majority Anarch. Makeup is a Camarilla Nosfertu Drug Dealer, Anarch Laomsbra Lawyer and Fiend Doctor.
    About Creation
    All Clans are allowed
    No Sabbat, other sects allowed
    Start with 21 xp after 25 Freebie points
    Some bloodlines allowed
    All sheets need to be approved by me before you can play. If you need character sheet google Mr Gone. Contact me about house rules and if you need any help on making your character. The group is mainly new to VtM outside of myself.
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    I'm interested but you didn't post day/time that will be played. It isn't on the Roll20 site either. =D