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VtR 2nd Edition for Elder Only Characters

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  • VtR 2nd Edition for Elder Only Characters

    This is for the setting Vampire Requiem 2nd Edition, but you will start out as elder vampires The setting we are all going to on together. Each player will Climb the Ladder and Spin the Web so to speak in order to properly frame out their character. I will not even make any NPC's until you are done. Because it probably one of your will prince and the rest of you will flesh your covenant leadership things will be built around you.
    Game plan is for play by post at least once a day and then once every two weeks we will use discord to bring us all together by VOICE only.
    Please send me character concepts and feel free to use anything for 2nd edition. We will get started on this as soon as we can.

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    I'm interested!, I sent you my character concept via email


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      Game is now FULL!!!!!!! No more applications please.