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    I have a suggestion for the community. I have heard talk of official White Wolf chat rooms for WoD in the old days. I was wondering if possibly a KickStarter or GoFundMe could be started to bring back said chat rooms along with hiring administrators. This would make online community play much smoother and much quicker.
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    The biggest thing needed to really revive the chat community is the "official" tag and the exposure that comes with it. The unofficial chats have been going for a long time, but are dying from a lack of new blood. The old WW chats were on their website, run by a WW employee, and that ensured a regular influx of new players to keep the numbers at critical mass.

    Money really isn't the issue, and in many ways can get.... complicated. There are, of course, costs but they're not high. Paying people to actively run the chat? That's expensive, and has a lot of issues with how any paid people on the chat relate to the community they're running.


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      Most chat rooms are community regulated. Youd only need to hire one person to keep an eye on the community and from there admins and STs can be appointed from the user base.


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        OK... I've been doing the persistent chat thing for along time (though not always ST system ones).

        "Community regulated" doesn't work that well for the official chat. It has to be regulated by the company for the "official" label to mean anything. People have been trying to recapture New Bremen for a long time, and despite everything that wasn't great with NB, everyone ended up copying things NB did because WW made decisions about it as part of their marketing strategy that are harsher (but ultimately more productive) than volunteer community members managed.

        "Hire" one person. OK, how much do you pay them? Are they a freelancer or an actual company employee? What happens if the profits from the chat don't justify that pay? If you crowdfund that pay, how do you deal with the impact of uneven contributions on the game? Accusations of favoritism are rampant on these things, and it's worse if you have, "Heavy Arms is one of the top backers, and always seems to get scene, XP, and cool stuff, he's paying to win like some crappy app," is worse. What about the crowdfunding community trying to exert control over those that can't afford to back because the whole thing rests on their contributions? Etc.

        It's one thing if you have someone like Conrad Hubbard who was a WW employee, that took on admining the official chats as part of his work. There was no worry about him being influenced by who paid the most into the chat, because WW did all the paying. No, "Conrad kicked me off the chat, I want my money back," because nobody paid to play. But basically the chat existed because Conrad volunteered to make them happen, and WW was paying him enough he could spend his time that way.


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          I dont see how pay to win has anything to do with a pen and paper roleplaying game. I didnt say build a giant worldwide roleplay through a chat. I said build an official chat so we can better connect the hundreds of different fragmented and frankly waning communities. Because as far as I can see WoD hasnt had any major influx in playerbase since the mmo anounced 8 years ago. Now with Fallout 76 it seems serious roleplay is coming to AAA gaming and intricate rp is going to be instantaneous as opposed to WoDs dissassociated communities which take days even weeks of searching and planning to run a game.


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            I... don't think you quite know what the old official chats were like, or the reach they had. You're expecting things out of them that they're just don't do.