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    Looks really good.

    The next important thing is figuring out if you guys already know each other. If so, how?

    If you do know each other then are you operating as a cabal already? If you are then do you potentially have any shared resources (sanctum / node etc)?

    Beyond that, I think we just need to get the mechanical side of the characters written up and we can get started.


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      I'd like to do an "origin story". Sort of. Like, we should start with our meeting and forming a Cabal. Also, I'm getting right trough my sheet.


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        I'm open to having previous ties to the other players in some form, but since my character has only recently returned I don't think he is a member of the cabal allready. Even if he knows the other PCs from "before" it's likely that he has no clue they are awakened unless they met on the road somewhere in the last few years.

        My sheet is more or less done, I'm just weighing a few merits and flaws against each other, examining them for plothook potential etc.

        May I ask what form the actual game will take? pbp, but where? Here, discord, roll20, somewhere else?

        My Mage 2e Homebrew


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          My sheet is basically done, I'll post it tomorrow. I believe we are doing this PbP and here. I'm ok with that.


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            It'll be a couple days before I can get my sheet up. I kinda like the idea of doing an origin story, or at least making sure everyone is linked to one or two other people or something. I wouldn't say having a "link" needs to be "I've known you for years", but it needs to be a reason to willingly work with the other person.


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              A common enemy? Or a destiny? And I'm not saying this because I may have put a few background points of that.


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                PbP. Probably in the PbP forum here, but if anyone knows a forum that is better set up to facilitate it then I would be happy to migrate (forums that have inbuilt dice rollers are a godsend, but it is easy enough to just link orokos or something).

                Meeting for an origin story is not a problem. Finding an excuse to get you all in the same place with a crisis to deal with is easy enough, as is finding some common ground to bind you together. Forming and building a cabal, carving out your own niche in the world, might be quite an interesting journey.


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                  Alright, here it is.

                  Name: Paulette "Polly" Kinley
                  Affilations: Traditions
                  Sect: Cult of Ecstasy
                  Nature: Survivor
                  Demeanor: Rogue
                  Essence: Questing
                  Concept: Beautiful Disaster

                  Stamina: 2

                  Charisma: 4

                  Perception: 2
                  Wits: 3

                  Art (Dance):2
                  Brawl: 2
                  Empathy (Hidden Feelings) :3
                  Intimidation: 2
                  Streetwise (Drug Trade):1

                  Drive: 2
                  Firearms: 1

                  Computer: 1

                  Time: 3

                  Avatar: 2
                  Back Up (Gangsters & Vigilantes):2

                  Arete: 3
                  Willpower: 5
                  Merits & Flaws: Derangement (BPD)

                  Paradigm: Everything is Chaos, One Way Trip to Oblivion
                  Practices: Art of Desire, Chaos Magick, Witchcraft
                  Instruments: Dances and Movement, Drus and Poisons, Energy, Sex and Sensuality, Social Domination, Symbols, Tricks & Illusions

                  If you look at the voice "Problem Child", you'll find Polly's photo, address, social security number and a small biography. The shrinks thought she had something "not right". Her parents were the first to agree. What Polly had was far more complicated than that: She craved attention and love and had no one that gave it to her. That's why she decided to go around and mingle with very bad people. People that did bad things but thought she was fun. That's everything she needed. That was until she Awakened. One of her "normal" friends, the one person she didn't want to involve in her messes did get involved. And lo and behold, when everything seemed lost...She turned back time.Like it never happened. She stopped her from ever getting out of her home and in that mess. No one knows about it. Normal people would think she's crazy. Fortunately, she doesn't see that much normal people around. She found herself an abandoned place for her to practice and now? Now she has to find her place in a bigger world.
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                    Name: Arunah Dewan

                    Nature: Primordial
                    Nature: Hacker
                    Demeanor: Romantic
                    Tradition: Sahajjiya
                    Concept: Modern Courtesan

                    Mental Attributes: Intelligence 4, Wits 2, Resolve 2

                    Social Attributes: Manipulation 4, Charisma 4, Appearance 2.

                    Physical Attributes: Dexterity 3, Stamina 2, Strength 1
                    A slender body, just not meager enough to be totally morbid. Mostly indifferent (and vaguely distasted by) her fleshly shell: her grace and speed are mostly due to her iron-grip on her senses, and her stamina to her ability to overlook physical inconveniences.

                    Knowledges: Pharmacopeia 3, Area Knowledge 1, Enigma 1, Cosmology 1 (Umbral Protocols)
                    Talents: Athletics 1, Subterfuge 2, Carousing 2 (Overcoming Inhibitions), Art (Mandala) 2, Seduction 2, Empathy 1, Awareness 2, Expression 1
                    Skills: Stealth 1, Research 1, Etiquette 2

                    Backgrounds: Arcane 2, Avatar 1,Chantry 1, Library 1, Patron 1, Spies 2

                    Arete: 3
                    Willpower: 5
                    Spheres: Life 3 (affinity sphere), Spirits 2, Matter 2


                    Enchanting Features (Merit 2 pts) (BoS p.37): Her eyes.

                    15 Freebie Points - 8 (Arete 3) = 7
                    - 7 (+1 Sphere Dot) = 0
                    +4 (Prone to Quiet) = 4
                    -2 (Enchanting Features) = 2
                    -1 (Arcane Background) = 1


                    Prone to Quiet (Flaw 4 pts) (BoS p.91): The Colors are pretty. The Colors are endless in their nuances and gradients. The Colors are maddeningly beautiful – and when they find a crack in Lyss’ mind, they more than happily slip through it and begin to paint unreal tableaux in the back of her head. The Colors are insane – and Lyss, often, gets insane too. Quiet is her default Paradox backlash, and so a backlash of five points or more automatically sends her into Quiet.

                    Cyclical Magic (Merit/Flaw 3pts) (BoS p.70): The Black of night is the perfect canvas for Lyss’ compositions, as it contains all colors in potentiality: to the contrary, the white of daylight is a blank slate that erodes her Color arrangements.

                    22h00 to 23h00: -1 difficulty to spellcasting.
                    23h00 to 00h00: -2 difficulty.
                    00h00 to 01h00: -3 difficulty
                    01h00 to 02h00: -2 difficulty.
                    04h00 to 06h00: -1 difficulty.
                    06h00 to 10h00: no effect.

                    10h00 to 11h00: +1 difficulty to spellcasting.
                    11h to 12h00: +2 difficulty.
                    12h00 to 13h00: +3 difficulty.
                    13h00 to 14h00: +2 difficulty.
                    14h00 to 15h00: +1 difficulty.
                    and 15h00 to 22h00: no effect.

                    <Biography In Progress>

                    Focus: Colors from Outer Space
                    When it comes to Focus, Arunah adamantly refuse to give any kind of prominence to her Hindi legacy – or, for that matters, to any traditions. She’s eclectic and syncretic, absorbing all kinds of influences and simply subordinating them to the core tenet of her paradigm. Magic, she affirms, derives from the Seven Colors from which the Canvas of the universe is composed: seven Colors so far off the spectrum as we know it that no sane human could hope to ever perceive – or even conceive – them. Only when in the throes of Passion (those that most humans deem on the verge of madness), can the soul perceive a glimmer of the Seven Glorious Shades: Irrigo, Violant, Cosmogone, Peligin, Apocyan, Viric and Gant. In normal times, those Colors are asleep within the Maya (the Tapestry), disseminated through the Spheres: the visible colors, especially when they’re all gathered in the form of daylight, obscuring them. An Awakened is simply someone who can perceive those colors and scrape the patina of the world, liberating them, and recasting them in a way that makes him, if only for a time, a demiurgic Painter of the Cosmos.

                    Paradigm: Aliens Made Us What We Are, All the World’s A Stage, Turning the Keys to Reality

                    Practices: Crazy Wisdom, plus some rudiments of spiritualism closer to Voodoo than to Shamanism.

                    Instruments: Powders and pigments, Drugs and Poisons, Crossroads and Crossing Times, Group Rites, Circles and Pentacles, Artworks, Eye Contact.

                    Personalized Instrument: Eye Contact. Arunah's irises swirl with colors impossible, and anyone gazing back at them risks to have the colors of his own Pattern animated and blurred by those twin maelstroms.
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                      damocles23 I think something's wrong with your char's stats. You've got 6/4/3 attributes spent instead of 7/5/3.

                      Name: Boxcar Jones, the magic hobo

                      .... just kidding.

                      Name: Leeland "Lee" Jones

                      Nature: Visionary
                      Demeanor: Kid
                      Essence: Questing
                      Tradition: Sahajjiya - sort of kinda. He's learned from a lot of people and never officially joined some kind of global magic organization... but that's what some people called him and he's cool with that
                      Concept: Prodigal Son

                      Mental Attributes: Perception 5 (Attuned), Intelligence 3, Wits 2
                      Social Attributes: Charisma 2, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2
                      Physical Attributes: Strength 1, Dexterity 4 (Quick), Stamina 3

                      Talents: Alertness 3, Athletics 2, Awareness 3, Empathy 3, Leadership 1, Subterfuge 1
                      Skills: Martial Arts 3, Meditation 3, Survival 3
                      Knowledges: Cosmology 1, Enigmas 3, Occult 1

                      Avatar: 2 - His avatar appears to him as different versions of himself, sometimes past or future, sometimes contemporary but whose history is somehow different. It mostly appears to him within his demense
                      Demense: 1 - When he dreams (or is in very deep Meditation) he finds himself in places he's been before, but slightly different. He thinks his consciousness is superceeding the illusion and touching upon others, dreaming of alternate universes or timelines.
                      Dream: 5 - He's allways had a special, subconcious connection to the human overmind, the akashic record, whatever you want to call it. At times he exhibits strange, but profound insights and this is one of the reasons many of his teachers agreed to train him
                      Mentor: 5 - Like some sailors are said to have a wife in every port, Lee seems to find teachers willing to share their knowledge with him wherever he goes. This reaches from mundane humans, to thaumaturges, to mages not much more powerful himself to some reclusive and terrifying masters of earth shattering power. They're scattered all over the world and their relationship to lee vastly depends on the mentor in question. He's learned secret tantric rites from the legendary vratja, studied the secrets of space and connection under a mysterious sufi in Afghanistan, practiced Martial Arts in a tibetan monastery and so on and so forth. On the upside this gives him a vast array of knowledge he can aquire by asking the right person and an in with most traditions as he invariably knows the mentor of a friend of a friend. On the downside none of them are local to GB (and barely any call europe their home).

                      Arete: 3
                      Willpower: 8
                      Spheres: Correspondence 3, Time (Affinity Sphere) 3

                      Concentration (BoS p. 43), Natural Linguist (BoS p. 45), Languages (M20 p. 643) Hindi and Arabic

                      Curious (BoS p. 48)
                      Blacklisted (BoS p. 59) - 1 While not blacklisted per se Lee has no valid indentification and has during his long absence (nearly a decade!) been legally declared dead
                      Family Issues (BoS p. 62) - 1 Reuniting with his family will be hard as he's been missing for years. His sister took his absence especially badly and has (partly because of it) developed a drug abuse problem, though Lee does not know about that yet
                      Infamy (BoS p. 62) - 1 Lee just returned to the UK from a prolonged stint in the mountains of rural Afghanistan. He looks like a barefoot hobo and will likely have trouble adjusting to city (even "country") live in a civilized country, facing stigmata along the way until he "cleans his act up"
                      Strangeness (BoS p. 85) - Time and Space itself become malleable around Lee, even without his active meddling

                      Paradigm: Everything is an Illusion
                      Practices: Tantra, Yoga and a good dash of Crazy Wisdom
                      Instruments: Bodywork, Dances, Gestures, Postures and Other Movement Practices, Drugs and Poisons, Energy, Eye Contact, Martial Arts, Meditation, Ordeals and Exertion, Sex and Sensuality, Sympathy

                      His practice of magic is rather eclectic, but ultimately all result in transcending the concious state of being for a more sublime form of awareness.

                      My Mage 2e Homebrew


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                        I'll be back to regular internet connection this evening, and I'll have time to post up my sheet then.


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                          Thank you Flinty, I fixed it.


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                            Originally posted by Tamuz View Post
                            (actually I would be willing to start out with up to 6, to cover the inevitable attrition with play by post games, but I would be reluctant to start with less than 3)
                            My wife and I are desperate for a M20 game- if you have openings in the future and would like to include other traditions in your story, feel free to message me. I check into OPP Forums every once in a while, but if you're immediately looking for new players, you can find us on our pbp forum's discord server:

                            Good luck Tamuz ! I feel like pbp Mage STs are the chosen one every time I see one.
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