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V20/W20 Crossover Discord Game

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  • V20/W20 Crossover Discord Game

    City Setting: New Orleans by Night
    First Scene: Saturday, August 4th (Vampire)
    ST(s): Jay M (Head Storyteller), Jon R. (Vampire), Antiquity (Werewolf Head Storyteller), ONE (Werewolf), Frostwitch (Werewolf)
    Game Type: Moderated
    Sect/Factions: Camarilla & Gaian

    *Notes: This game will be handled much like the Digichat based games from years ago (White Wolf Moderated Chat, Immortal Vigilance) - where if an ST isn't running a scene, then a great deal of the interaction is between players. It seems this sort of game has fallen by the wayside and many of the Storytellers seek to bring back this style of play. I've found quite a few players that haven't had the chance to experience an evolving game like this and so this is my second attempt to provide one. Currently we use roll20 for character database, and between the 5 current Storytellers we have nearly a century of cumulative years of storytelling among us - so expect an amazing time.

    Rather than toss a link to an outside source, if you are interested in this game, feel free to message me here or on Discord ( Lilitus#8819 ) and simply let me know and I will give you the information to get started.