The Damned now stalk the City of Angels…

Ever since the Anarch revolt in 1944, LA hasn’t been the same. The free state has been going on strongly ever since, to the annoyance of both the Sabbat and Camarilla. Of course, the local Baron has grown lazy, assuming his reign of power wouldn’t ever end. This is only seen as an advantage to the growing numbers of the opposing sects each trying to take control. Will the Sabbat finally take hold and utilize the city as a warfront for impending Gehenna? Will the Camarilla bring order to the corrupted city of angels? Or will the Anarchs continue to fight to keep this city – their city – free of an outdated hierarchy? That is for you to help decide in LA in Anarchy.

Los Angeles in anarchy is a Vampire: The Masquerade server using the 20th anniversary edition that strives for a world that is (almost) completely player controlled with a focus on political intrigue and the struggle between the clans.

Not in it for just the politics? Feel free to participate in events, both general and holiday themed as well as develop your own character arcs and side plots to make the world come alive.

New player? No worries! We have Storytellers that are willing to help teach you the ropes as well as various veteran players who are more than happy to take a fledgling under their wing.

If you’re ready to don the mask of the masquerade, join the server here! or check out our wiki for more information: