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Portland (OR) Looking for a Game (or to Run One)

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  • Portland (OR) Looking for a Game (or to Run One)

    I am someone living in Portland, OR who is looking for people to game with... I'm not entirely opposed to online play... entirely.

    Ideally, I'm interested in playing in VtR 2e...

    I've been a storyteller since 1998 because I haven't been able to find a group to let me be a player in all of that time. Having said that, I don't entirely hate the idea of running a game, either. Here's the catch to the "running" part: I need a co-ST to help with the story I want to delve into. I'm becoming a VtR specialist and my co-ST would need to be a WtF specialist. The game will be set in Portland, but may not remain there... I'm interested in someone who is interested in imposing their own lore onto the WtF setting, but one that can dove-tail with my VtR lore. My VtR lore isn't set in stone, yet, so I'm open to hearing some collaboration.

    If I can be a player, I'm interested in playing Vampire that isn't run like a combat RPG... I don't mind combat, but from 1994 to 1997 all my troupe did was combat sessions interrupted by spurts of roleplaying.

    In both cases, I would love to be part of an AP... but that is secondary to making sure I can just play or run with a group. Online play I'd prefer video rather than only audio, but beggars can't be choosers...

    My work schedule is pretty stable: I have every Sunday off and a rotating second day off that advances one day into the future each week. Whatever happens on Friday also happens on Saturday (if I work Friday, I work Saturday... if I'm off Friday, I also have Saturday off). I'm off by about 5:30 Pacific time (PM) when I work and would only need a few minutes to get home (since I work really close to home).