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[New Chat] Eternal Noire – CoD, HtV, MtA, VtR, WtF (2e)

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  • [New Chat] Eternal Noire – CoD, HtV, MtA, VtR, WtF (2e)

    We’re happy to announce that Eternal Noire opened for public registration!

    Eternal Noire is an online chat-based role-playing community currently using Onyx Path’s Chronicles of Darkness System. The current setting offered is based off of Greater Los Angeles County, and with 4 venues currently offered (Mortal, Hunter, Mage, Vampire) with Werewolf being developed and planned to open by January 2019. EN is run by gamers, for gamers, that hope to help bring back the essence of horror to the online community in fun and immersive stories where the PCs are the stars of the game. With fair site policies, minimal house rules, and experienced staff; Eternal Noire was created to go back to the basic dark themes of the horror role-playing gamesand leave all the OOC drama behind.

    Each of the venues offers a different approach to their games than the typical cookie-cutter settings that have become expected on online game sites. With a unique experience system, players have more freedom of how fast they earn and spend their XP; including a build in catch up mechanic and death XP (just in case!). The staff and community are all friendly and willing to work with you to make your character concepts fit as much as possible with the main plots and the setting. Our Staff does not receive extra XP than players have access to, and they also do not play in the games they are in charge of to foster an earned mutual trust between staff and players. Finally, character creation will be a conversation to ensure each and every player character’s own story will be woven into the story by our Story Tellers, to add that personal development touch you get to see in Table Top games to our chat game.

    So, want in on all the fun? Join us on Eternal Noire by registering for a forum account!

    Happy Roleplaying!

    ~ Athena, Tsukiyomi, and All of the EN Staff.

    We asked what our players like about EN, this is what they said:

    Im personally a big fan of the XP system but I also like how each game is a little to a lot different than your standard 'out of the box' setting.”

    “I also really like the XP system. I think it's unique and allows for a variety of play styles. I also like the specific player focus you guys are striving for.”

    “I like how welcoming the staff is and how knowledgeable about the venues they are. The settings are all very alluring as well.

    “I really love the welcoming and friendly community that EN has, and strives for. I find that it really does want to create a positive place that everything can feel a part of. From how the Staff are very friendly and helpful to the players that are as well. I also like how excited the STs are about wanting to get people involved in their venues and plot. EN has a very inclusive and positive feel about it, that makes a person feel like that are part of the game and community.”

    “I never play Vampire. Was never a huge fan of the game. The setting was so interesting and unique that I had to make a vampire and play.”

    “I can honestly say in the short time that I've been playing on the site I have already had very intense and memorable scenes on my characters. I'm also enjoying how each venue feels like it has its own identity but still feels cohesive together as a whole setting. Overall I am excited to see what stories play out in what feels like an appropriately dark horror game here.”

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    Slick looking site! Very jealous.


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      Very slick. I'll have to take a look around.