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V5 play by post or one-on-one?

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  • V5 play by post or one-on-one?

    Hi! I am an experienced Vampire player looking for one of the following, in this particular order: 1) a play by post game (with more of an emphasis on writing than rolling) set in the fifth edition timeline, either Camarilla or Anarch; 2) a one-on-one game with you as the storyteller, also set in the fifth edition; a one-on-one game with me as the storyteller, and you guessed it, set in the fifth edition. Feel free to message me if you have a game going (or starting soon) or are interested in the one-on-one form. If you are messaging me about a one-on-one game, please include a short sample of your creative writing. Thanks!

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    can i be the storyteller on a one-on-one?
    also,how many words do you want on the creative sample?
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      Hi Nicholas! For a sample, just whatever you have, if you have anything. It doesn't necessarily need to be Vampire or even WoD. I just want to get a sense of your writing style. And I would definitely prefer if someone else was the storyteller. :-)


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        pm'ed you a sample :>