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  • VTM Forum Play-by-Post looking for players

    Hey everyone! Our long running VtM game has some openings that could stand to be filled by new players, so I thought I'd extend some invitations.

    To give you a little insight, the game is set in present day Philadelphia, with a little emphasis on noir flavor and cosmic horror. It includes elements like political and moral corruption, organized crime, occult activity, and secret conspiracies.

    The storyteller is looking for players that enjoy engaging with eachother and the setting, and her guidance is that players who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty or take initiative to get involved will be the most successful.

    All of our games use 20th Anniversary Edition source material, and the VtM storyteller is pretty flexible in regards to the type of character concepts players approach her with. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to us know.

    If you're interested in playing with us, your point of contact is Fatale. PM her on our forum, or speak to her directly on our discord server.

    Our forum can be found here:

    Our discord server can be found here: