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Mage the Awakening 2e - The Manufactured World Chronicles - 3-5 Players

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  • Mage the Awakening 2e - The Manufactured World Chronicles - 3-5 Players

    If anyone is interested I'm trying to start a Mage the Awakening 2e game over Roll20 and Discord. If you're interested please read the following before messaging me over Discord for a mini interview to see if you are a good fit for the game.

    Greetings and salutations reader! My name is Hemo Liadon and I have been a storyteller for tabletop RPG's for over ten years now. In that time I've come to the conclusion that I prefer campaigns that feature an interesting cast of NPC's, a detailed homebrew setting, a well thought out story and a group of people that get along well enough that it feels right to call each other friends. I know from my time running games with people on Roll20 that a campaign like this is not only possible, but very easy to accomplish if you know what you're doing. If you're interested please read the following before applying over Discord.

    Your life changed. Its as simple as that. Once upon a time you were living your old life. Happy and obedient to what, they, wanted. Then it happened, you may have been lying down in your bed, or making your way to work. Thinking about meaningless things like how you are going to pay off your student loan or if your girlfriend will ever forgive you. Regardless, in that moment something beyond even our understanding happened. Your mind became clearer then any mortal language could possibly describe. You looked upon the world with a new understanding. In that moment you realized that the world is not a mundane place with strictly mundane occurrences. The world you call home is and always has been a magical place. You look around and see something you shouldn't be able to see. Whether it be the way the street lights are servants of fate, or the secret desires of the old man that just walked down the street. As wonder takes you, a question crosses your mind. How in the world are you the only one that can see so clear? You know that you aren't crazy. You just know you aren't. You don't know how you know, but you do. So after a moment of thinking you decide to put off your responsibilities. Such as not going to work, or going to dinner with a friend. You don't know why but their is no longer an obligation. You feel free from the shackles of life. So you call someone, or post a video to the internet, proving what you can do. You feel exhilarated and wonder what this means. However, a moment later you feel something deep in your soul. It almost feels like the ping of a sonar but nowhere close to as mundane. You react as you would, knowing in your heart that something is off. That's when you hear his voice. For a moment you panic, but he tells you that he means you no harm and with another ping, you feel calm and at peace. He explains that his name is Asanus. He explains to you that you are in serious danger, that the servants of horrible entities are approaching you as he speaks. He tells you that he is also free from their influence. His brand of freedom being that of the Mastigos. He explains that he is a master of magic and that the world is controlled by eight-seven entities . He explains that the world is their slave and that you are lucky to have broken free. Another ping followed by him hurriedly explaining that in under a minute their servants will be here. He then explains that you have two choices. You can either try to fight the demigurgs and possibly live to fight another day. However, he explains that one mistake will mean your death. He then explains that you can come with him, leave everyone you love behind and learn how to survive. Assuming you agree you survive to live another day. However, this is not before you hear the sound of your roof dissolving. Above the dissolved roof is the sky, there you see a glimpse of your enemy. They look like horrible angelic mockeries. That being said they are not angelic or beautiful. instead they are made out of a mixture of distorted and mangled flesh, strange metal machinery and the manifested mockery of truth. As you stare and wonder if what you are seeing is real you find yourself standing outside a large manor in the middle of a large forest. Asunus explains that he has teleported you. He explains later that as a adept of space he can rewrite your location within an instant. This manor is where you have been living for a little less then a year. Training in the ways of the world while cut off from it. In that time you have been able to ask yourself many questions. Such as, what secrets does this world hold, is Asanus actually telling you the whole truth and what truly are the Demigurgs.


    Standard starting characters.

    No Meta-gaming.

    Any character you make must be interesting with thought put into them.

    You need a microphone and an active Discord account to play.

    You need to know that while I am not trying to kill your characters the world is. If you do something stupid your character may die.

    This chronicle is not a power fantasy. Mage the Awakening is a game of hubris and consequences. If you abuse your power the world will react as it realistically would.

    You can contact me over Discord at Hemo_Liadon#0386 if you want an interview.

    Everyone will be interviewed to see if they would be a good fit for the chronicle.

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