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Is there any one interested in a online Changeling the Dreaming 20th game

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  • Is there any one interested in a online Changeling the Dreaming 20th game

    The basic idea is - A scant five months ago a disaster struck the small city of Baymoor [city might change for a real one]; striking down a large number of dreamers and a few older Grumps including the Ruling Count. Soon Wilder Arcadian Sidhe of House Gywdion who seemed to be a man of the people… if only a bit Seelie bias rose to take the title with promise of a greater tomorrow. It seems like things would be as he said providing you Seelie.
    Now the city is teams with new growth as the Falcon Count has stroked the fires a few of the smaller freehold in the city and with the help of a few ‘partners’ has started to revitalize parts of the city leading to more dreamers. However cracks are starting to show now as what was once mild slights and prejudices against the unseelie are becoming worse.

    - I'm trying to shoot for game that is Psudo-Noir - with maybe politics of if the Count will be overthrown, will the common Kith try and take out the nobles in power, what caused the death of the old count, what how is the current count causing the dreaming to change

    -The style of game is text base using Goggle Doc to write the main story session - I find this works fair well when there is a set day that people can get together on, with goggle hangouts as side session, out of character stuff and dice rolls

    Any question or comment feel free to message me or put it here.


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    I would be interested in any chance to play Changeling the Dreaming. Plus the story sounds interesting.


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