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[LF GM] [oWoD] [Text-based] Starting as mortals?

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  • [LF GM] [oWoD] [Text-based] Starting as mortals?


    I'd be dying to find a GM (and a couple of players) willing to play an oWoD game in which we start as mortals unaware of the supernatural and slowly start uncovering it together. It could either be "plain" mortals, or "sleeping" versions of various splats, like unawakaned Mages or shapers before the First Change.

    It's a topic that doesn't often recieve it's due attention in wod in my opinion. Bah, you died sometime, you're a vampire now. Bah, you changed sometime, you're a furry now, let's play. But in my opinion it's a very cool feature to roleplay a moment in a mans' life when he discovers that his existence has been a lie, that there is magic, that amoral corporations still rule him, but are in turn ruled by lifeless abominations from before time.
    Plus, it seems to be one of the only sensible ways to run a multi-splat group, like a vamp+shifter+something. Because if they knew each other as "simple humans", their mutual friendship would likely out-grow the abstract rules of some secret societies they didn't know existed before yesterday. Like, they would care more for each other as people than for the rules of their "races" simply because they didn't realize the later even existed since just now. And this, in turn, creates more cool room for conflict and roleplaying, IMO. After all - those various societies would probably be pissed to see their members run willy-nilly with THE OTHERS and spill their broods innate secrets, powers and whatnot.

    Just to clarify, though - [COLOR=rgb( 54 , 67 , 72 )]It's totally not a MUST for me to run a multi-splat game like some kind of wod pokemon where we NEED TO CATCH THEM ALL. In truth - I'd be totally up for a simple werewolf game where we start before the Change, as Werewolf is my favourite wod venue. I just think it would be cool for there to be an OPTION to play a different character if a particular player would like to - I know that many people don't like a particular splat, but still love the overall atmosphere of WoD. For me it's like this with Vampires - I can seldom imagine myself in the shoes of a Cainite, but I'd still love a game where I get to INTERACT with vampire characters.

    I'd prefer to play by text, since I'm both a not-native english-speaker and a rather shy person, but I could give voice chat a try if you guys would excuse me for being awkward. xD I'm central Europe, so CET timezone, but I can be rather flexible with it, especially on weekends.
    My info:
    Age: 25 since just a couple of weeks
    I'm a non-native English speaker, but I think I manage fine, especially in writing.
    Roleplay experiance: About 10 years, most of it in text, though. I played A LOT using mmorpgs as a base for roleplay, as well as on irc.
    Preferred playstyle: In general I'm a person that's very deep into roleplaying, much more the storytelling aspect than mechanics/rolls/combat. I enjoy stories with moral dilemmas and conficts of value that make both em and my character feel like shit - for that's what wod is for. Lol. I enjoy deep inter-character relations, "discovering" other characters and what makes them the way they are. In general I think I enjoy a detective/narrative kind of story much more than a slaughterfest, though it's not to say I dislike combat in my games - I'd just rather that it serves a narrative function rahter than simply a venue for characters to BE BADASS and SHOW OFF THEIR MAXED OUT ABILITIES.
    Preferred character type: My characters are also the exact kind that make the aforementioned kinds of story work, since they are fundamentally unsuited towards a wod-like world. I like playing characters with strong moral backbone and sense of personal honor and then balance that set of values around the difficult circumstances and whatnot. There's a lot of potential for angst with my characters, though I'd hope I'm versed enough to present that as sympathetic, rather than annoying. My characters generally just try SO DAMN MUCH to be fundamentally good people and it's a thing that... seldom works in wod stories, but that's where the fun lies for me. In short - I am fully prepared for my characters to FAIL at some point because they are not really suited to SUCCEED with their kind of attitude - but when the story is right, I still find roleplaying the process of failing to be fun. One of the characters I played the longest was a dwarf war-veteran who led something of a dark twist on a standard hero's journey. He >BEGAN< the story as an acomplished soldier and a national hero, but then slowly lost all his family, his friends, found his values contested and what he thought important devalued by others and ended up as physical and an emotional wreck with suicidal thoughts and autodestructive tendencies. And I enjoyed EVERY PART of that stroyline up to it's bittersweet end, which was his death. And dying was the GOOD part for him at that point. :P