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  • LFP Changeling the Lost 2E

    The game will run Sundays 1200-1600 Eastern Time starting Jan 27 2019.

    The system is the newly released Changeling the Lost Second Edition. The setting is my own homebrew. Beats do not exist. I will hand out XP after every session (as in classic). How well you play, what you accomplish, etc. will determine how much XP you get. Typically 3-6 for a normal session, 10 or so for completing a chapter or major story arc. Changeling is a game that you can transfer between not just worlds but entire new realities. One realm may be run by a true fae that has reversed gravity, another resembling a play from Shakespeare, and another the intergalactic adventures in space.

    About me:
    I have been a player and a GM in a variety of systems for two decades. As a GM it is my job to ensure the players enjoy their sessions and want to return. We will use discord for chat and sharing ideas. I insist PC's to be more than one dimensional. Even better if you can manage 3D. Once you determine you like the game you can tell me your aspirations or goals for your char and I will work to weave that into the story.

    I plan to run the first minor arc in two sessions or so. From there if there is interest I will take it to the larger plot. I plan to run the larger plot over 2-4 months.

    If you are interested please head to the Roll20 page to post your interest.