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  • Blood in New York: A V20 Roleplaying Discord

    New York rots from within.

    The Camarilla, impotent in their luxury penthouses and Wall St. offices, pay more mind to distant commerce than the rats infesting their home. The Anarchs, reduced to unwilling allies of the dominant Camarilla, crush Sabbat corruption at every chance - but they are being steadily overwhelmed. People, Kindred and Kine alike, feel a pervading sense of dread. The End, whatever that might be, is coming.
    Gehenna may be real, or perhaps human suffering in New York has reached such levels that even Kindred taste the despair in their nightly vitae. Whatever the case, the predatory Sabbat feed on the weak and outcast, and without true Camarilla support, the Anarchs fight a guerilla war that grinds their numbers down week by week. Will the Anarchs swallow their pride and insist the Camarilla lend formal aid? Will the Camarilla remain shackled by opulence and delusion? Will the Sabbat turn, consume, and warp every dark corner of New York, until civilization itself collapses into bloody mayhem?
    Join us in our Chronicle to have a hand in shaping the destiny of New York.

    Blood in New York is much bigger than a tabletop game - it's an open world. We're a Vampire: The Masquerade roleplaying Discord using the 20th Anniversary Edition so you can enjoy exploring and weaving stories in the World of Darkness. This is a living city combining the best of tabletop and digital RP, with our Discord channels representing different areas of New York so you can make your own fun or jump right into one of our ongoing plots!

    In this community, rest easy knowing that your investment (emotional, time, and otherwise) will be respected and cherished by our staff, as well as your fellow roleplayers. Our rules protect players and their characters against unwanted actions, ensuring your contributions will not be lost on a whim.

    Whether you're a writer looking for an outlet, a fan of vampires wanting to learn VtM, or a veteran trying to find an online group, Blood in New York has a place for you. We're beginner friendly, and with help from our experienced Storytellers you'll have no trouble making yourself at home in the big apple.

    When you're ready for the Masquerade, join us with the links below:
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