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  • LFG many games !

    Hello ! So we are two european players looking for a game, we would interested in playing many type of games , Mostly : Demon the descent, Werewolf the forsaken2ed , Geist 2ed, Vampire the masquerade V5 (or 20th edition) Werewolf the apocalypse v20, They came from beneath the sea, we would also be fine with a multisplat chornicle, i know those are a lot of different game but we like every one of them and since there are usually not a lot of game, it's better to cast a wide net
    Right now we don't really have any preferences on a timeslot or day

    Thanks for reading and hope to play with you soon

    *Edit* i forgot to add that we're looking for an online game, via roll20 and discord or other combination of software, we're also not really looking for any PbP, (not that there is anything wrong with PbPmind you !) Thanks again !
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    Hello, I mp-ed you!