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A Certain Scientific Chronicle [M:tAw based]

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  • A Certain Scientific Chronicle [M:tAw based]

    So I'm a very big fan of the "A Certain Magical Index/Scientific Railgun/etc/etc", and I've been thinking a lot about how to adapt the anime into something playable in RPG games. Lately, I've settled around using M:tAw's system to do so, even though with some alterations (still haven't decided on the specifics, since I wanted to know if there is an interest for such a game at all before investing all the hard work). Sure, perhaps Ascension is a better way to play it, with the whole science vs magic thing which goes in the series, but I know Awakening better, even though I'm not that attached to one system over the other. Anyway, I just want to clarify that the game won't be the same setting as presented in the "A Certain X Y" series, but a setting based around it, with the main subject of interest being espers and the science side (even though I may be willing to accept a magic side character with a good backstory).

    So, is there anyone interested?

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