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Mage the Awakening 2nd Edition Discord Text Game with an Experienced Storyteller

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  • Mage the Awakening 2nd Edition Discord Text Game with an Experienced Storyteller

    Hey there everyone, my name is Hemo and I’m hoping to start a text based discord game for mage the awakening 2nd edition set in Austin Texas where supernatural’s have small more managable numbers then there are in some storyteller’s chronicles.

    I love Mage for many reasons, the focus on storytelling, the truly mind-numbing mysteries and secrets that build together to create a world full of amazing lore that is only bettered by an intricate magic system. Other then that, I’ve been running tabletop RPG’s for a little over ten years now. In that time, I’ve come to the conclusion that I love games built upon a detailed setting, a cast of interesting NPC’s, and a group of players that are kind and caring enough to call each other friends after months or even years of gaming together. If this sounds like the type of game that interests you please read the following before applying. Other then that, the following is a bit on the setting and what I’m requiring from you if you want to play.

    Setting -
    It’s your big day, symbolically as important as the day you awakened. Today’s the day you will become reconized as a real Mage. You’ve been actively mentored for nealy a year now and later tonight the Consilium is holding its first convectation of the year. If all goes good, you’ll finally be respected as a true member of the Consilium, far away from the watchful eye of your mentor, with the “gift” of joining a cabal with the others like you. The only downside, the local Heirarch, a Silver Ladder Obrimos named Merlin has put into place a new Silver Law today alongside you. “The Heirach and their Council must direct the founding of all new Cabal’s within the Austin Consilium.” However you want to take this, you’re left with three obvious choices, leave the consilium that you’ve worked so hard to intergrate yourself into, wait four months as an unaknowledged member of the city in hopes that the next convecation will discard this new Silver Law, or go along with their rules and join up with a group Mages you’ve never met in your entire life. Truly it isn’t much of a choice at all. Unlike the choices you’re going to make tonight. Such as what you do with your future and what you’ll do with the oppurtunities you’ll be given tonight. Will you prove yourself as a prodigy or a fool? Will you make an impact on your future in this consilium of roughly seventy diamond mages or end up a corpse in some elses mystery. Regardless of whether or not your descions tonight prove to have been wise in the long run, they prove to be a cross road in your destiny...

    You must be active on Discord to the point that you can stay active and post a thing or two of note almost every day. This is because the story can only progress as fast as the slowest person.

    You must have a passible understanding of the rules and the world even if you’ve never played before. This is to prevent two months of catch-up.

    Instead of 5/4/3 attributes and 11/7/4 skills you’ll get to spread the dots out freely based on how you envisioned the character with the exception of not being able to put five dots into anything.

    If you’re interested please apply with more then just a couple of sentences. This is a play by post campaign, if you can’t put effort into your application, It shows me that you’ll not want to or be able to put effort into the actual game.

    I am looking for five players, two of which can’t both have there starting Arcanum at three dots, Also I don’t want everybody to be in the same order as everyone else. So if everyone starts asking to be in the same order, I’m going to have to say no to whoever didn’t ask first and second. Finally, it’s my HOPE that we get one character per path as a general rule of thumb.

    As part of your character creation, I’m requesting that you truly put thought into your Aspirations and Obsessions as well as your Virtue and Vice. It will become very important to the chronicle as a whole.
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    Through the help of a Discord server the game is no longer looking for players!