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  • Recruiting for Changeling the Lost on Giant in the Playground Forum

    Hello all,

    First, I read through the forum rules closely, and I don't believe this is breaking any of the forum rules as I am recruiting on a different forum and not trying to make money, but for the Moderators, if I am I apologize.

    I am new to this forum (though a long time lurker!), but am a long time member of another online roleplaying game forum, Giant in the Playground. I am currently running several Chronicles of Darkness based games on the forum (because I absolutely love the game line), and am proud of the reliable group of players and (relatively) long running games I am involved in. However, unfortunately one of my longtime players had to pull out of several games due to health issues. As a result, I have a Changeling the Lost game that has slowed down due to a dearth of players. So I had the (hopefully bright) idea of posting a recruitment thread here.

    Briefly describing the game: The game is set in my version of New Orleans, based loosely on the 2E descriptoin. I've taken liberty with simplifying the geography of the city. By night, NOLA has the largest Changeling population of any city in America, if not the world. This is partly thanks to the reach of Tumbledown Market extending trods into cities far outside of New Orleans. However, New Orleans is also known as the safest city for The Lost. This safety is thanks to the "Hallow' Eve Contract", created between the leaders of all four Freeholds and The City itself. The Contract makes it significantly harder for all True Fae and other supernaturals to exist within New Orleans, though none others than the Freehold leaders know the cost of such a contract. However, things are never as they seem, and not everything is majesty and fancy for The Changelings of The Big Easy.

    I am linking the OOC thread for the game here, and the IC thread here. I'll also post the open recruitment thread on the Giant's forum here. Anyways, if there is any interest, and assuming this is okay to post here, please feel free to contact me in this thread, or over on Giants.


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    I'd be interested in hopping in. I've had a Nightsinger concept I've wanted to play with for a long time. I've created an account on Giant in the Playeground under the name 'Ohiska'.

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      Awesome! Glad to hear there is some interest!