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LFP for an Absent (2E) chronicle via Roll20 Voice

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  • LFP for an Absent (2E) chronicle via Roll20 Voice

    Chronicle: Ashes, Ashes
    Game: The Absent* (Geist: the Sin-Eaters, 2nd Edition, Appendix)
    Time: Every other Saturday at 18:00 GMT-7**
    Medium: Voice - Roll20
    Slots: 4 total, 1 open seat
    To play: Send me a direct message with a brief character concept and a quick summary of your character’s backstory. This story will be set in the 1920s, so please keep that in mind when forming a concept for this game. Please include a brief list of themes you would like to engage with, or avoid. If you're feeling brave this morning, feel free to introduce yourself and tell me a little bit about you and your style as a player.

    About the Game:
    You died. Maybe it took you an entire day to realize it, or maybe you knew instantly, but you died, and you left everyone worth living for behind when you did. It’s not as romantic as it sounds: their lives are falling to shit, and there’s nothing you can do to help - worse, your death is becoming one of the smaller problems on their plate. Soon, they might not have time to think about you at all.

    Wheezing Geezer, that ancient ghost in the cemetery where they buried your bones, tells you about the restless dead who wander through on a rare night, restricted by nothing but held fast by nothing. He tells you about the crafty dead, too: the ones that forget the world that’s forgotten them, and become more for doing so - so much more that they don’t need the world or its Memories to exist. So much more that they’ve figured out how to get rides out of the Underworld and move through the land of the living freely - or as free as any of you can be.

    Dollfaced Darcie says he’s lying, and everyone else is just too polite to point out the hope she’s trying to squash in her tone. He only warns her that there’s a price to be paid for breaking the natural order of things - always a price.

    Are you ready to pay it?

    * Final clarification: this is not a traditional Geist: the Sin-Eaters game. This is a chronicle featuring the Absent as player characters, as per the rules in the Appendix of Geist: the Sin-Eaters 2nd Edition.

    ** There are 25 sessions for this chronicle planned with the hope to carry the same players over in to a follow-up, traditional Geist: the Sin-Eaters game. This is not an obligation.
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