Hello, I am a new player to Scion 2E and after finally getting my books as a backer I am looking to enjoy a game of Scion. I understand how to make a character and have already created one that I would like to play, but I am more than willing to create a new character to fill in a missing role that might be needed in a group. As far as general mechanics, I'm not well acquainted with it, but it seems similar to the types of games I like to play so there shouldn't be to much of a problem learning the system for me. I live in PST timezone, but due to being currently unemployed I'm available anytime besides Saturdays, and Wednesday afternoons for a few weeks in a one-off campaign afterwards I'll be free then. If you are interested in adding me into a game, go ahead and shoot me a PM and we can talk further. I look forward to playing with you!