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LF Players Exalted 3 tabletop in Sacramento

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  • LF Players Exalted 3 tabletop in Sacramento

    Thorns stands a mockery of itself, the vibrant streets now lie broken, its people terrified and destitute. The dead walk openly, the living cling to the shadows. You fled Thorns as a refugee, and then the Unconquered Sun turned to you and demanded you to make the world righteous, as you know best. Now you travel to gather strength and power to wrest your home away from the grip of death.

    I'm looking to run an 3rd edition Exalted game in Sacramento. Game time would be Wednesday evenings 6:30 to 9:30 pm.
    I'm looking for between 3-5 players, no prior gaming experience required. I'll bring dice and books.
    I've been STing since 2005, focusing mostly on werewolf and Sidereals. This would be my second Solars game that I've run.
    If you are interested, please reply or send an email to