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LF PBP group for 2E CofD gamelines.

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  • LF PBP group for 2E CofD gamelines.

    So, im looking for a group, and hopefully an ST, so I can do play by post campaigns. Im not interested in one on one, because other players allows some back and forth and I think they can become more interesting than soloing it. And it needs to be pbp because I cant dedicate specific time slots to a voice game.

    The other part is im looking for a single gameline. No crossovers or anything like that I want to explore the themes of the gameline. And it can be any 2E gameline. Ive got so many character ideas Im sure at least one can work.

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    I too am eager for a single-gameline 2e game. Personally not into Beast but all else is good.

    Abyssals: Whom Death Has Called, a PEACH-as-heck attempt to make an Abyssal 3E holdover.

    Where I try to make Artifacts. When I finish them I'll probably post them in the Artifact Workshop thread so people can help me hammer them into shape.


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      Well, that's one. Lets hope for more.
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        I could also play a PbP, don't have time to ST right now though.


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          That's another.